Thank you for all your hard work Allan and Colin

At our AGM on Thursday Allan South and Colin Levy finally managed to stand down from their respective Committee posts of Secretary and Treasurer.  Dave Martel voiced our sincere thanks for the many, many years of hard work that both have put in for the club, looking after its’ members and finances across some changing and sometimes challenging times. The club is in a good place at the moment and it is in no small part due to their leadership and governance.

As well as their roles on the Committee both have played a key part in the introduction of new archers to the club and sport, starting at our beginners courses and continuing through coaching and support both at Manor Park and indoors at the Dome. We are sure they will continue to support the club and members, but without the responsibility which they have both shouldered so well.

I am sure that members not present at the meeting will want to express their own  appreciation at club shooting sessions.