Club Championships

These are run annually as an outdoor competition an based one handicap adjustment to level the playing field for all archers.

Evesham – Simon de Montfort


We have an annual match against Evesham Archery Club to complete for the Simon De Montfort trophy, which has now been contested 55 times.  The current position between the clubs is Evesham Archery Club 40 vs Malvern Archers 16.  The two clubs take it in turns to host the event in mid June. In recent years we have shot a Western round, though this was truncated to a National in 2015 by a torrential down pour at Evesham’s Badsey ground sent us all running for shelter.  For both clubs it is an opportunity to introduce Novice Archers to competitions, and as the result is decided by a combination of the best Target scores and best Handicap adjusted scores the Novices have often decided the outcome.

Recent Winners (host club)

  • 2022 Malvern (MA)
  • 2019 Malvern (EAC)
  • 2018 Malvern  ( MA)
  • 2017 Evesham  (EAC)
  • 2016 Malvern  (MA)
  • 2015 Evesham (EAC)
  • 2014 Malvern (MA)
  • 2013 Evesham (EAC)

Redditch & Bromsgrove Friendly

We also hold friendly matches against Redditch & Bromsgrove Company of Archers. We have shot these both indoor and outside.


  • 2015 (Indoor) Malvern win 22341 vs Redditch 22139
  • 2014 (Indoor) Malvern win 28825 vs Reddich  28669

Club – Worcester Cup ( Indoor)

During the indoor season we hold a handicap adjusted competition for our members using the Worcester target faces.


  • 2019 – Ben Rowe  (Junior Recurve)
  • 2018 – Mac Crisp  (Longbow)
  • 2017 – Nathan Coppen (Recurve)
  • 2016 – Bex Day (Recurve)
  • 2015 – Alison Townsend (Longbow)
  • 2014 – Michael Goodfellow-Smith (Recurve)