Beginners’ Course UPDATE

Recently quite a few people have expressed an interest in learning archery with Malvern Archers. It truly is a sport that allows people of all ages and genders to come together and participate in a lovely inclusive environment in normal times. This last 18 months has been very challenging for a small club. We have managed to run 2 beginners’ courses over that time, and they have been enjoyable for coaches and participants.

While the ongoing Covid situation may appear to be easing it is still not under full control and we feel it may yet come back in another wave. This has continued to make it a challenge for experienced archers and to run an active club. For newer archers it has made it particularly hard to really get a solid start into the sport.

We have thought long and hard about running another course in September. The uncertainty in what new archers will be able to do once the course has finished, as well as the workload on our volunteer coach workforce means we have taken the difficult decision not to run a course this September. I understand this is probably not what you want to hear. However, we want to make sure that at the point you do get to start archery we can give you the best opportunity to turn your course into a life-long love for the sport.

We are currently building a waiting list, prioritised by when people contact us. As soon as we have details of our next course(s) we will let you know. We are hoping to run several consecutive courses early in 2022 (or maybe as early as December) indoors – covid safety permitting.

Please feel free to email me (at with a request to go on the waiting list.

Dave Martel
Secretary, Malvern Archers

March 2021 – Return TO ShOOTING

Dear Members,

It has been a long and difficult lockdown, but finally we see the light at the end of the tunnel. In line with the Government plan for England, Archery GB have issued updated rules for clubs to allow outdoor Archery to resume. To allow this to take place we, as a committee, have 8 key points to comply with to reopen the range. We had a meeting last night and you will get updated information emailed to you over the next few days from Dave our Secretary.

The intention is to reopen the range on or shortly after Monday 29th March 2021, with the same shooting booking system, lane and target rules in place as prior to the lockdown. All safety measures, hand sanitization and social distancing rules will remain and it will be a condition of use of the field that members follow these rules.

The new Archery GB rules give some flexibility in areas such as access toilet facilities or key equipment such as metal detectors, some of our rules are therefore being updated with the procedures to follow in these areas, so when they arrive please read carefully.

The Ground team will be mowing and preparing the field for shooting over the weekend, weather permitting, though it may take a couple of weeks of good weather to get it into it’s usual first class condition, so please be patient.

There have been some changes at the top of the field with a new fence having been installed beyond and to the right of the bank and 100 yard line.

Please, if like me you have not been shooting for a while, and doing much less exercise than You should have, restart carefully. warm up first, consider lower poundage bow/limbs and start on shorter distances, rebuilding your technique before trying a York or Hereford round, just because you could in 2019.

Look out for the Email , and stay safe.

Range Assessment passed

I am really pleased to announce that our range assessment went very well this morning. The assessor was very happy with the range and was very complimentary about what a nice place we had to shoot.

Pending arrival and sign off of the the paper work in the next couple of days we will be all set for the next 3 years of outdoor shooting.

3rd Vintage Recurve Challenge – Lockdown Edition

The 3rd Vintage Recurve Challenge was competed for at Manor Park, Malvern. Due to lockdown restrictions, there were only two targets available at the same distance, being 70m, so it was decided to shoot the more modern WA70 round.  The contest was between Paul Clay shooting a Yamaha EX and Peter Webb shooting a Hoyt Gold Medalist. Both using aluminium arrows. Starting at 7:30am, the weather was good with the odd annoying breeze giving us something to contend with.

Paul Clay 20200531

Both archers started well with Paul hitting a 51 and Pete a 55, but as the breeze picked up things soon went a little wayward.

Peter Webb 20200531

The result was always going to be a close, Paul finished with a superb 571 but was just beaten by Pete’s 576.

It was great to be shooting outdoors again and having a bit of competition. Hopefully, as restrictions ease, we can have more competitors involved next time!

All shooting suspended until further notice

The Government is currently advising to suspend all non-essential activities to minimize the risk of spreading COVID-19. Archery GB has also recommended shutting down all grass-roots archery activity unless stringent plans and risk assessments can be can be put in place to meet the Government recommendations. The committee has considered this carefully and feel the only responsible action we can take is to close down all access to shooting at the field.

As Government advice changes we will re-assess and will try to re-open when it seems safe and responsible.

In the mean time a small rota of volunteers will be keeping the grass cut. We will keep this groups small and with suitable hygiene precautions.

Unfortunately this also means that the beginners course, due to start on April 25th, is postponed indefinitely. All people who have applied and paid will be offered a full refund if they wish. They will be given first refusal on spaces when we are able to put on a course.

If anyone has any questions, please feel free to send an email to the Secretary at the usual email address. Please can you also include a phone number as an alternative way of contacting, because some emails responses seem to be ending up in spam filters, and if the first one goes in the spam filter it is not going to work for me to keep sending them the same way.