New Year’s Day Shoot 2023

The Malvern Archers New Years Day shoot returned again this year. Two years in a row, now that the worst ravages of Covid are past. It is still not gone and we still have some people who need to be careful. However being outdoors on a breezy day is about as safe as it gets.

A small group of members congregated at the field for a 10.30am start. Some of our regulars had found a warmer climate, but the bold amongst us prepared to shoot in to a low sun, with quite a cheeky breeze blowing. The sun did not last that long, and the temperature dropped (and the wind got cheekier). Unfortunately this meant a swift retreat for Kelly who is convalescing and the cold doesn’t help. It was great to see her out starting to shoot though. It also meant there was a round of the most excellent bacon and sausage sandwiches.

The rest of the shoot was made at speed (amongst the gusts of wind blowing scopes over), and we ended with our usual survivors photo. Sorry that this excludes Tony and Kelly who had left, and the photographer (Dave). Next year it would be good to see if we can get a larger turnout.

Another group shot, courtesy of Jeff Allen.