About Archery

Archery is the skill of shooting arrows from a bow. Initially used for combat and hunting, it is now a sport and part of the Olympics.

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Some of the different types of archery are:

  • Target – shooting a fixed number of arrows at targets on at known distances up to 100 yards away, on flat ground
  • Field – shooting a differing targets at known and unknown distances up to 80 yards away, usually around a woodland area
  • Clout – shooting at flag up to 180 yards, if you can see it!

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Some of the different bow styles are:

  • Longbow – the traditional wooden bow and arrows with no sights, and real skill required!
  • Recurve – the modern Olympic style bow with sights and stabilising rods
  • Barebow – the same bows as recurve bow but without a sight or stabilising rods
  • Compound – the most technically advanced and accurate bows with telescopic sights, peep sights, release aids and pulley wheels to maximise arrow speed

Archery can be done all year round as a leisure activity or by serious competitors at both indoor and outdoor venues.