2nd Vintage Recurve Challenge (Indoor)

We ran the 2nd Vintage Recurve Challenge at WFCA indoor range on the 20th November, using bows from the 80’s and aluminium arrows. The round shot was a WA25 and the competitors were Scott Potter (WFCA), Paul Clay (Malvern) and Peter Webb (Malvern).

Paul and Scott were both shooting a Yamaha Alpha EX and Pete was shooting a Hoyt Gold Medalist. It wasn’t as easy as we thought and these bows were not quite as forgiving at this distance, so we had a few mishaps.

2nd Vintage

Paul was grouping very well and became the new Vintage Recurve Champion. He managed 541, even with a miss! Scott pipped Pete for second place with 528, and Pete was third with 526.

We had a few onlookers who will probably be dusting down their old bows for the next event, which is likely to be outdoors early next year.