1st Vintage Recurve Challenge

The 1st Vintage Recurve Challenge was competed for at the SCOA annual Sheriff’s Western shoot, using bows from the 80’s and aluminium arrows. Only two archers competed this year, Paul Clay and Peter Webb. But it does look likely that there will be quite a few more archers joining in the fun for next years challenge!

vintagerecurvePaul was shooting a Yamaha EX Alpha with ceramic limbs, Yamaha sight, AGF stabilisers and Easton X7 arrows with 4 inch feathers. Peter was shooting a Hoyt Gold Medalist with carbon limbs, AGF sight, Arten stabilisers/TFC’s and Easton X7 arrows with 2 1/4 inch spin wings.

The day started with a moderate breeze and Paul took a commanding lead early on, scoring 100 for the first dozen, he was even leading the main recurve event. Peter had made a few errors and only managed 76 for the first dozen. As the day went on the wind got tricky and Peter fought back to close the gap.

Going into the last end Paul had a 2 point lead and shot a strong 50 for his last six arrows, but some how Peter managed to shoot his only 6 gold end of the day, scoring 54, to take the win by a 2 point margin!

It was great fun to be shooting the old bows but very hard work, modern bows are definitely easier to shoot!