New Year’s Day Shoot 2022

After a break last year during lock down, the Malvern Archers New Years Day shoot made a welcome return this year. As it was unclear whether there might be tighter restrictions post-Christmas the arrangements came late. However a small group of members congregated at the field for a 10.30am start. We shot our usual National Round, with a few less experienced members shooting shorter variants.

The weather was very kind. A little drizzle during setup stopped in time for shooting and held off throughout. There was even a little weak sunshine. The fact the day is likely to be the warmest New Year’s Day on record made it almost T-shirt weather.

Warmest thanks to Kelly and Tony for bringing down a selection of bacon and sausage sandwiches which were enjoyed at the change of distance.

An obligatory trip to the Nags Head to sit outside for a drink was made more interesting by the power cut. This meant we had to make do with bottles and cans and cash payment, although one person did manage to squeeze in a double gin.

Next year will hopefully be under better circumstances and we will try and get more people back to this fun way to start the archery year.