March 2021 – Return TO ShOOTING

Dear Members,

It has been a long and difficult lockdown, but finally we see the light at the end of the tunnel. In line with the Government plan for England, Archery GB have issued updated rules for clubs to allow outdoor Archery to resume. To allow this to take place we, as a committee, have 8 key points to comply with to reopen the range. We had a meeting last night and you will get updated information emailed to you over the next few days from Dave our Secretary.

The intention is to reopen the range on or shortly after Monday 29th March 2021, with the same shooting booking system, lane and target rules in place as prior to the lockdown. All safety measures, hand sanitization and social distancing rules will remain and it will be a condition of use of the field that members follow these rules.

The new Archery GB rules give some flexibility in areas such as access toilet facilities or key equipment such as metal detectors, some of our rules are therefore being updated with the procedures to follow in these areas, so when they arrive please read carefully.

The Ground team will be mowing and preparing the field for shooting over the weekend, weather permitting, though it may take a couple of weeks of good weather to get it into it’s usual first class condition, so please be patient.

There have been some changes at the top of the field with a new fence having been installed beyond and to the right of the bank and 100 yard line.

Please, if like me you have not been shooting for a while, and doing much less exercise than You should have, restart carefully. warm up first, consider lower poundage bow/limbs and start on shorter distances, rebuilding your technique before trying a York or Hereford round, just because you could in 2019.

Look out for the Email , and stay safe.