COVID-19 – Club Rules

New Club Rules

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the Committee has changed some of the existing club rules and introduced new ones in response to the recent guidelines from the Government and the Archery GB Phase 1 restart plan. 

You MUST read these rules in full before preceding to shoot: 

COVID_19 – New/Updated Club Rules for Return to Shooting Phase 1

COVID-19 Restart Phase 1 FAQs

The club has put together a list of FAQs related to COVID-19 and the restart of cluib shooting.

You MUST read these FAQs throughly before you commence shooting again: 

COVID-19 FAQs Return to Shooting Phase 1

Returning to Club Shooting

Once you have read and fully understood the new club rules and FAQs, if you are happy to return to shooting, please visit the COVID-19 Range Booking page for more information.

Summary of Rules: Steps for Shooting

  1. Book a lane before leaving home
  2. Arrive and put on your material gloves
  3. Maintain 2 metre social distancing at all times
  4. Carry your kit and target face/pins to your lane
  5. Disinfect the boss
  6. Remove gloves and sanitise your hands
  7. Carefully pin your target face
  8. Assemble kit and then shoot in your lane only
  9. Dissemble your kit and pack it away, disinfect if necessary
  10. Put on gloves and remove target face
  11. Disinfect the target
  12. Carry all your kit and target face/pins off the range
  13. Remove gloves and sanitise your hands
  14. Leave immediately, socialising with others in the car park is not allowed
  15. Points 3 to 11 must all happen within your allotted time slot to allow everyone to have their fair amount of time to shoot.